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All our apps were made with a single purpose in mind; Skyrocketing your sales funnel’s conversion rate, with no coding and no hidden fees.

Know your numbers

Get rid of the guess work and stay on top of your numbers, know what converts and what doesn’t on our easy to use analytics dashboard.

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Automate purchases, subscriptions, refunds, and cancellations handling using our extensive automations and integrations.

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Set up in just 3 easy steps
We make it so easy to set up that a 10 year old could do it. No coding knowledge needed.

Add your Funnel

Easily add your Clickfunnels funnel to Funnelish.

Copy the tracking code

Copy the tracking code from Funnelish and past it into your Clickfunnels funnel.

Turn on any (or every) app

Switch on the app(s) you want to use and watch your conversion rates climb.

Apps & Integrations
24+ essential apps & integrations that will boost your Clickfunnels' funnels.

PayPal Plugin

Add PayPal to your funnel, subscriptions, OTOs, order bumps and much more with ease.

Smart Address Plugin

Auto-fill customer’s address & location for less resistance during checkout.

Fancy Credit Card

Offer a smooth credit card checkout experience to your customers.

Smart Optin

Offers your leads a better/easier way to optin to your funnel, through their Facebook or Google account.


Improve the visual experience and conversion rate of your order forms with no-coding (Variants, highlighting, auto-selection,...and much more).


A pretty advanced app that allows you to add dynamic text, dates and numbers...etc to your funnels and pages on the fly (with no coding).

Funnelish Pay

Allows you to easily offer a wide variety of payment options to your customers all at once, while being easier to setup and does not require any sort of hard-wiring with Clickfunnels.


A social proof app that will increase your conversion rates dramatically without any hard-wiring (at no extra cost).

Facebook Pixel

Allows you to easily add your Facebook Pixel(s) to your entire funnel and track every possible event accurately, including 2-step order forms (without a single tracking code).

Smart Currency

Target worldwide customers with the same funnel without having to worry about currency conversion.


A powerful Shopify integration that comes with orders bundling, advanced variant matching, quantities... and much more).

Google Sheets

Track your sales in Google Sheets effortlessly without using Zapier and on auto-pilot.

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